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Home Hepa Air Purifier

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Product details

Product Name: Household Air Purifier

Product model: GH-8183H

Rated power: 60W

Rated voltage: 110-220V

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Negative ion amount: 12 million / cm3

Net weight: 10.8kg/pcs

Gross weight: 11.8kg/pcs

Applicable area: 40-50m2

Product size: 412X223X730mm

Color box size: 498X300X797mm

Outer box size: 640X518X820mm

Packing number: 2pcs/ctn

Gross weight: 27.5KG/ctn

Is the home hepa air purifier really useful?

Is there really no smog in the home hepa air purifier at home? Can you really breathe? Is there really no health hazard? I chose a German brand home hepa air purifier for testing. Let's take a look at how the effect works.

The test was selected on the day of heavy haze in Beijing. First, let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the products summarized in the evaluation process.


1. The design is user-friendly, the operation is simple, and the movement is convenient. Even if only the elderly are at home, it can be easily operated;

2. The PM2.5 content at the outlet is 0, and the single purification efficiency is superb;

3. The purification effect is very strong, the concentration of pm2.5 from 204.6 (severe pollution) to 34.9 (excellent) only takes 23 minutes;

4. Ultra-quiet, the noise in sleep mode is only 40.7dB, almost the same as the normal environmental noise when the purifier is not turned on, and automatically turn off the light, it will not affect sleep at all, the family with the elderly, children and cats is very suitable;

5. With negative ions, photocatalysis and other unique features, can remove formaldehyde;

6. With a child lock, don't worry about the bears at home!


The price is slightly higher. But compared to health, this price is nothing!

Suitable for the crowd:

People who want to breathe fresh air, especially those with old people and children.

The quality of an home hepa air purifier looks at three points: one is the purification effect, the other is the mute effect, and the third is the air volume. This evaluation is mainly carried out from these three aspects. The following describes the test process and results in detail.

Test product: GH-8183H household home hepa air purifier

Test time: December 22, 2017, Beijing, severe haze

Test environment: relatively closed office (closed doors and windows), 24 square meters, 2.85 meters high, the room has sofas, desks, bookcases and other furniture; (PS: choose the office instead of the professional closed test space, because it is really in life The use environment will not be completely closed, and there will be various furniture interference, so the evaluation results made by the office are closer to the actual household use effect of the consumer, we only want to be more responsible to the consumer).

Test tools: Hanwang table, Xima noise tester, Xima wind speed air flow tester

First, the purification effect test

The purification effect is the core of a purifier, and it is also the most important indicator for consumers, so the first test from this point. The office door and window are closed, and the indoor PM2.5 concentration is tested before starting. After the power is turned on, the PM2.5 concentration value is tested and recorded at 2 meters from the purifier. The test is performed twice, the first time the automatic mode is turned on; the second time the maximum air volume is turned on.

Test results in automatic mode:

In the automatic mode, from 10:45 to 11:25, after 40 minutes of purification, the air quality in the room changed from heavy pollution to good, and it is obvious that the purification ability of this machine is quite good.

The automatic mode is also the most commonly used mode. The home hepa air purifier will determine which level of air volume is required for the current air quality through its own sensing device, automatically adapting to the optimal mode, eliminating the cumbersome manual adjustment. In the smog, you only need to press the power button to breathe freely.

Turning on the maximum air volume, the air quality in the room is changed from heavy pollution to excellent for only 23 minutes.

It is easy to see from the data that when the maximum air volume is turned on, the air in the room can be thoroughly purified in a short time. Therefore, when encountering the orange warning and the red warning, it is recommended that you can manually adjust to the maximum air volume. When the air quality is excellent, switch to the automatic mode, so that you can breathe fresh air faster!

Behind the good purification effect is bound to be excellent technical support.

The GH-8183H home hepa air purifier is equipped with multiple filtration. The outermost primary filter can intercept large particles such as hair and fibers. The internal core filter material uses the imported P13 high-precision HEPA filter, which can filter as small as 0.01 micron. Particulate contaminants, whether PM2.5 or allergens in the air, can be effectively adsorbed. The surface of the filter element is provided with a high-grade antibacterial layer, which can effectively inhibit various pathogens. At the same time, the high-quality modified activated carbon in the interlayer can efficiently purify gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene, and adsorb odor. Just clean air can't meet its requirements. It also has a built-in negative ion generator that produces a lot of negative ions to make the indoor air fresher.

Second, the noise test

Noise is also one of the important indicators for users to choose products. Too much noise will seriously affect the rest of the family and even cause health problems. Is the noise of the GH-8183H air purifier using Japan's imported Shibaura motor up to standard? A set of tests was also conducted.

First, monitor the indoor noise value (ambient noise) before turning on the air. After turning on the machine, test and record the indoor noise at each air volume level 2 meters away from the purifier.

When the new national standard stipulates that CADR>450m/h, the noise needs to be 70 decibels (probably the noise when the vacuum cleaner works). This set of test results proves that the GH-8183H air purifier is excellent in noise reduction. The noise in sleep mode is only 40.7dB, which is almost the same as the ambient noise, which means that turning on the purifier at night will not interfere with the rest of your family and your family.

Even if it is adjusted to the maximum air volume, the indoor noise is only 58.5dB, which is less than the sound of the vacuum cleaner. If placed next to the TV, it will not affect your TV.

Third, wind speed test

Wind speed and air volume are directly proportional to the speed of air purification. Place the tester in the air outlet of the purifier, test and record the wind speed under each gear:

One wind speed: 1.507 m/s

Second gear speed: 1.836m/s

Three-speed wind speed: 3.291 m/s

Four-speed wind speed: 5.012 m/s

Five-speed wind speed: 8.261 m/s

Six-speed wind speed: 9.463m / s

Seven speeds: 10.667 m/s

When adjusted to the highest gear, the wind speed at the air outlet is as high as 10.667m/s. The tester standing in the air 10 meters away from the air outlet will still feel a bit cold when it is blown by fresh air. Even if it is adjusted to sleep, We still feel the slight wind, so even if the air volume is small at night, it can help you clean the air in the room and give you fresh breath.

In terms of appearance, this home hepa air purifier is a big one, but it is not cumbersome. Typical Europeans admire the low-key luxury design, simple and generous cubes, UV craftsmanship with gray and white gold, showing the beauty of industrial design.

The operation interface of this purifier is a touch-sensitive button placed on the top of the fuselage.

Humanization should be another highlight of this product design. First, there is an ergonomically designed "handle" at the top. Secondly, this purifier is specially installed with a child lock. It is certain that there are bear children in the family. How important this setting is to protect your baby's safety. Third, there is a filter replacement reminder, you don't have to guess to guess, when to change the filter at a glance. Fourth, the replacement is convenient, the panel is gently pulled out with both hands, and the outer casing is opened, which is easy to handle.

From design to performance, this product demonstrates extraordinary strength and sincerity, such a powerful product will be the best choice to take you away from the smog.

From the performance test results of purification effect, noise and wind speed, this purifier can effectively solve the indoor air pollution problem brought by smog, if you have no money to immigrate, no time to wait for the wind, more Don't want to use the lungs to filter pm2.5, then you can consider setting up a powerful air purifier for your home.

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